So I’m not sure if a lot of other guys have this fascination with bags and storage and shit like that. I find bags like backpacks, suitcases, attaches, Pelican cases, etc, to be fascinating. I like seeing the cool things that manufacturers come up with. Along these lines, I have ended up with several bags, suitcases and other really useful things from eBags. They’re all very well made and very well thought out. My main suitcase is a TLS MotherLode Weekender which operates like a carry on sized backpack. The straps can tuck away for convenience, and it can be expanded. It’s insanely useful, although I usually end up overpacking (because it’s better to have more than you need than not enough, IMHO!), so sometimes that bag is just a little small. So I added a TLS Mother Lode Junior 25″ wheeled duffel that adds a lot of space, without being way too big. It’s one of the wheeled bags with a pull out handle, which is great, although it is a little too big to be a carry on. I’d rather check a big bag anyway. So I also have some eBags Packing Cubes that are insanely useful (check them out!) and a flat packing toiletry bag. I think eBags is good shit. Check ’em out.

So on to the topic at hand – the eBags Crew Cooler II. I bought this because it’s going to be big enough for my powered paraglider training days with It’s big enough inside to fit an 8 pack of 20oz Gatorade bottles, although there may not be much room leftover. It’s got a compartment at the top, that is good for other bits, like energy bars, napkins, kleenex, all kinds of other stuff you need. The front panel has a flatter pocket that could be used for things like small trash bags, the shoulder strap (if you want to stow it) and other flatter things. On both sides, there’s a zip open can/bottle holder. This is great for taking an insulated bottle with you, while keeping other bottles and stuff cold in the main compartment. The main compartment lining zips out so you can clean it, but if it ever gets gunked up, eBags says to call ’em, they’ll replace it for you!

So here it is:


eBags Crew Cooler II

Above is the bag closed up, with an 18oz Hydroflask bottle in the side bottle pocket.


eBags Crew Cooler II

Above is the inside compartment with the zip out liner.

eBags Crew Cooler II

And the top compartment. This is a sweet little cooler bag. I don’t expect it will keep stuff frozen as long as a Yeti cooler, but for a day out at the field, or shorter trips, I expect this thing will be great. It’s well made and well thought out. If you ever travel and haven’t checked out, you should do it. They make good stuff!


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