I ordered a Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill a couple weeks ago now, got it delivered on Memorial Day, so I could cook myself a steak inside the comfort of my man cave. Luckily the delivery dudes were running on the holiday, and didn’t wait until way late in the evening to deliver it.



Philips Smokeless Grill (not my image, I googled this shit)

I picked up a 1″ thick t-bone and read up a little on how to best cook that shit on this fly little bitch. Let it heat up for about 6 minutes and then cook the steak 6 minutes per side. Slap it on and let it do its thing on one side, then flip it.

Does that work? HOLY SHIT YES!! At 6 minutes per side, the steak had nice sear marks and awesome color, and ended up just a little more than medium-rare, and it was juicy as fuck. Did I mention it was juicy?

Since then, I cooked a couple 8-ish ounce New York strip steaks on it, and they both came out awesome. I call this little grill thing “amazing”.

Oh, and it REALLY does NOT smoke. Yeah, you get some steam off of the meat, but the drippings don’t catch fire and make smoke. It’s awesome. I love this little grill!



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